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Day Six


No matter what we go through in life, we have a choice. We can choose to focus on the negative, to harbour resentment, to hold back forgiveness or we can lean into love. We can choose to take what we learn and have it serve us moving forward. We can choose love, every time. We can choose how our life experiences shape us. When I first heard this song, I knew it was written for me. And I choose to believe in the power of love.

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(Lori McKenna/Liz Rose)


Nobody but me to blame

For losing all this love

Hope is the greatest expectation

And I never knew how to give up

Hand full of promises I can’t hold

Old love letters that just lie

You might of tried to break me down

You might have seen me cry


I - I’m not foolish and I’m not blind

I’m the girl in the dress who stood in the rain

And waited for love to be kind

With a heart that didn’t die

When you said you didn’t need her

So don’t worry about me

Cause more than anything

I am a true believer


I get up everyday

I think of you more than I should

I won’t let you disgrace the whole human race

I believe that people are good


I - I just say it was all for the best

I won’t compromise or close my eyes

And pretend I can live with less

I won’t be the girl, baby you know I just can’t be her

Who gives up on the world

Cause more than anything, more than anything


I believe in a love bigger than us I believe it so strong that I just gotta trust

I’d give all that I have I believe it so much

I - I believe it’s something heavenly

With all the mistakes and the pain that love takes I still believe in what it could be

There’s a Godly sound

Talking to all us sinners

So don’t worry about me cause that’s all that I need

Don’t worry about me cause that’s all that I need 

I am a true believer, believer

Nobody but me to blame

For losing all this love

Hope is the greatest expectation

And I’ll never learn how to give up

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