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Day Three


I was struggling with a lot of self doubt, a lot of fear about putting a record out. I felt very vulnerable and I wasn’t comfortable with it at all. The best way to deal with it was to write about it. What was I feeling exactly? Unprotected. And in that realization, I found my courage “I’ll take this ride until I wreck it, my state of mind is being tempted by your wide world outside my fences, got me defenseless, unprotected” - writing has always been my way of processing what I’m feeling.

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(E. Eckert, H. McLean, T. Shannon)


I built this place, every brick in these walls

Have kept me safe from feeling it all

All the bad, all the good

All the life that I could 

Have felt...but I can tell


There's a crack in the armour that's weighing me down

Your light's pouring in and pulling me out


I'll take this ride until I wreck it

My state of mind is being tempted by your

Wide world outside of my fences 

You've got me defenceless



So here's my heart, out of my chest

Free from the dark, taking its first breath

Shaky legs on the ground

You pull up, I fall down

For now


But my feet find the strength to climb over the past

And I fight the fear that's been holding me back


I'll take this ride until I wreck it

My state of mind is being tempted by your

Wide world outside of my fences

Oh you've got me defenceless



Lovin’ or losin’

I’ll take the bruises

Cause I want to do this




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